To Do or Not To Do

No time for writing as I am down two unwell children and a To Do list as long as your arm. It is though one job opens a Pandora’s box of tasks and I wonder, will it end?

I am reminded of the recent and insulting ‘Sex and The City’ movie, or should I say Sex and the Souk? Perhaps, Souk and No City, is a more fitting title.

I think the most putrid moment was when Miranda and Charlotte toasted to women who don’t have any help, while lamenting their difficult lives in a free palace and wearing couture. I won’t even bore you with how bad this moment was, I felt a collective groan around me, or was that just me being loud? Still not sure.

It is hard with no help, but that’s life so suck it up. Write your list and get on with it. If I get it all done today then I can get back to more chapters tomorrow as the pregnant best friend is wanting to finish the book before she pops. I would like to know how it finishes also.

I am disciplined writer. I think this comes from having worked for myself for the last twelve years. I know I have my work cut out for me and I can’t wait to start.

So I get through the list, I love the crossing off and the ticks and I look forward to tomorrow when I have the day to dream and write again.

Happy Monday.


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