Dessert Gossip

Sometimes a piece of gossip is served to me that is too good, too rich, like a gorgeous dessert that you know you cannot and will not share.  You want to share but you cannot. Firstly because you want to keep it all to yourself and secondly because you know you will have your ass sued if you dare to be indiscreet.

I had the equivalent of the worlds most expensive dessert slip into my inbox today. So juicy and cream filled (pun intended) that I did a little happy dance and then I remembered I cannot share as openly as I would like. So instead I will change the more obvious characteristics and weave it onto my new book.

Meanwhile, in reference to an earlier post,  Baz has cast Daisy in The Great Gatsby with Carey Mulligan. ‘Meh’ is my reaction. My L.A actor friend was most unkind about her when I asked his opinion recently. I am unswayed either way but can Carey open a movie? Not yet. Will she ever? Unsure.

Remember Julia Ormond? Who? The younger ones ask.

Julia Ormond had big heat. Cast opposite Brad Pitt, Richard Gere and then in the painful remake of Sabrina. Julia could have any role and instead she made a weird movie about snow and promptly put out her heat.  So she moves onto CSI and an American Girl TV movie and bam…nothing for years of any note. (She has however, recently been cast as Vivien Leigh in the latest Marylin biopic, replacing Catherine Zeta Jones who is tending to Michael, so that’s a good start.)

I could go on for hours, I won’t but I could. All I’m saying is Carey should see Julia’s career as a parable.



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