Cue lights

A while ago, a dear friend, whose vocation is cat herding famous people, asked me if I had any ideas for a TV show starring a certain Australian TV Icon.

I lied and said I did, which I didn’t. But as I sat outside the local primary school waiting for my son to dawdle down the road and I scribbled a few ideas in my datebook. I typed them up when I got home and sent them off to said Cat Herder. I expected nothing.

Low and behold, it passed the first test with the icon. She could see it happening. I expected nothing.

Cue a lunch with Icon and Cat Herder and some great ideas and brilliance over fine fare. A rewrite of the idea and I send it off again. And still I expected nothing.

Phone conference with a brilliant and current ingenue of writing in Australian TV. Yet, still no expectations.

Then silence. Lucky I had no expectations, huh?

Meanwhile, months later, I never think about it until last week when it’s all go, I am informed.  They ask, “Can you come to Sydney?”

I answer, “Can I wear my tracksuit pants from Target and new espadrilles from Belinda?”

I have back to back meetings tomorrow and a fear of non elasticised pants. (Zips scare me, l wonder if I have become Amish or just incredibly doughy and lazy.)

And guess what?

I have still have no expectations.

Cue curtains.


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