All a twatter

I was going to write a post about my writing routine but then I thought how boring for those who are not writers reading this blog. So I shall save that for another day when I am lost for words. Today is not that day.

I am loving the Liz Hurley/Shane Warne scandal, so, so tawdry. A step down for her. A step up for him perhaps, but only one rung on the social ladder. Shane is what a friend of mine calls a ‘dangerous bogan’. He has no idea he is one and so doesn’t understand the required elegance when pursuing an extra marital affair. He’s all twitter and she’s all twatter.

Remember Liz in the – dress. man how she stole Hugh’s thunder at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral. She was luscious though, I will admit but she is a woman of no discernible talents. Her acting (and I use that term loosely) is appalling, her modeling half-hearted and I think she designs swimwear. Well, I designed swimwear with Mandy, my next door neighbor when I was twelve. No biggy.

So what is it about our Shane? I think he’s all dirty convict for our English rose and now she’s had the bad boy, there maybe no going back. She does like the bad ones. She did have a child with Steve Bing after all.

Off to read more. last week I was all Assange, this week I am all ‘Shame’ Warne.

I am as a fickle as a pickle. Kinda like Liz.







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