BEP Over and Out

In 2005, I watched the cast of Saturday Night Live do an amazingly funny and seemingly psychic parody  called “The Black Eyed Peas are available for your party needs.” I have tried in vain to find it for you but to no avail. *bows head in shame*

Now the Black Eyed Peas are everywhere, at every event. and his employees creates anthemic songs to suit for audiences differing mental age and personal events. Including the word, Mazeltov in “I Gotta a Feeling”  has meant this song will be played at every Bar and Bat Mitzvah for eons to come.  I read that the BEP played at Roman Abramovich‘s New Years Eve Party on his private estate of  St Barts this year. In 2010 he had Prince play, this year BEPS. I wish I had gone when Prince played.

I am pretty sure that soon the BEP will create a song for losing a loved one, to be played at funerals all over the world.

But hey, I’m not saying anything  different, considers the band a brand and is very open about it. This band was never about the art. If it were about the art then they would not have corporate backers including Apple, Levi’s, Honda and Verizon.

Enough with the lectures for today. I hope your NYE was satisfying. Happy New Year lovers and I look forward to a gossipy 2011 with you all.






One thought on “BEP Over and Out”

  1. Kate – this is so interesting. When BEP released that song, ‘I’ve got a feeling’, I said to the husband, “Are these guys now specifically writing songs to be used as advertising contracts?” and felt pretty disgusted. Then I read about Will’s housing funding project – – and thought “Whatever – he is using his success for such broader issues.” Like my judgement matters. BUT, as a music lover, I still cringe for a generation growing up with this drivel. Hopefully they pick up on the community service aspect as well. Yeah right.

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