Read to me

I hit up the local library yesterday and wandered out with another armful of books and a $12 fine.

Small money to pay for the amount of books I have borrowed over the past year. I have read so many books and though to buy just one afterwards, as I wanted my own copy. I also bought one for Em. The Happiness Project. A delightful way to move though life and I loved some of her ideas and honesty.

Mostly I am disappointed by what I have read. Not because the writing is bad but because I didn’t like the direction of the story or the choices of the characters. This is why I write books now. For my own self gratification. It an entirely selfish career, this writing lark.

So on that note, Em is taking the kids away for the morning. What a blessing to have a dearest so near. I will be writing, so nobody call, ok?

Thanks, I appreciate it.






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