What are you wearing?

Last night I spent most of the evening trawling fashion sites.

What I Wore, Sea of Ghosts (the 14 year old loved that one), The Satorialist, Net-a-Porter sale, Street Peeper.

All amazing. All inspiring.

I really need to get my groove back fashion wise. My wardrobe has way too many office things from my past life career in advertising. But what to wear as a writer, I wondered. Caftans? A turban? Leopard print?

I looked back on my chosen outfit in which to run down to the local supermarket with my pissy daughter yesterday (she has sinus issues, so she is excused).

Hmmm….I thought to myself. perhaps I need an intervention not a makeover. Yes, it was hot yesterday. Yes, we have a right to be comfortable but still..should I have gone to the supermarket in my nightgown? *Hides head in shame*

I know, I know, I hear you but…this nightgown is really pretty. Almost like a dress you can throw on over bathers at the beach. However there were no bathers in sight, I wasn’t at the beach and also to top it all off, I wasn’t wearing a bra.

I came home and the man who shares my house looked at me and sighed and went back to his iPad. So much disappointment from everyone.

Perhaps I took writer Colm Toibin‘s advice of “staying in your mental pajamas” too far when reading The Guardian.

Does it really matter though? As I said to the man who shares my house, “Nobodies looking, nobody cares about what I wear to the shops.” It’s true. When its 40º all bets are off. No makeup will stay on. You need your hair off your neck. And you need your clothes to be loose.

Then later in the evening, my learned friend and I had a conversation about, ‘justification of effort’, a term applied when people justify the amount of work they have put into an achievement by increasing the perceived value of that achievement after the effort has been expended. (Kind of like parenting.)

I think I should call my decision to wear my nightgown in public as a “justification of lack of effort”. It was hot, the nightgown is is pretty. Nobody looks at me anyway. *eats worms*

Ah f*ck it! I’m sorry. I can’t promise I won’t do it again but gee it felt good.

Happy Monday lovers!


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