Friday’s Love It or Leave It List

Love It

  • Art exhibitions and friends – check it out here
  • Angry Birds– seriously addicted
  • My book hustling the streets of New York
  • The writing of Joan Didion– the woman makes me want to be a better writer
  • This Is It – The Michael Jackson movie about the rehearsals and prep for his never fulfilled world tour. I have just seen it recently and it confirmed what I knew. MJ was magic
  • Zumba– seriously nothing has ever worked so fast on my lazy ass and for an hour I think I am a dancer
  • The world of Martin Miller. This man knows how to represent with his Spandau Ballet fashion and his dogs. One of them looks like Paris Hilton, non?

Leave It

  • Summer TV, it is inducing a serious boregasm
  • My daughter leaving for two months to attend the Lord of the Flies camp
  • Tony Abbott – he’s shithouse
  • Lindsay Lohan. Sad, cheap and sure to end badly.
  • BFF being away for two weeks- another boregasm is coming on
  • To Do lists- overrated, trust me. *ticks blog off her list*

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