Marvelous Coffee Birds and Melbourne Town

The highlights of my weekend included finding the most gorgeous coffee house right in my neighborhood. Omar and the Marvelous Coffee Bird. What a great name for a cafe. The esteemed Eric Bana was there the second time we went, so now it has the blessing of Hollywood (him) and Bayside(Me). The interior looks like an Angry Birds set but then again, I have played so much Angry Birds lately everything is starting to look like the game.

I love a good coffee. I came to coffee late in life, craving it while pregnant with my second child. Now I have become a coffee snob. There are a few places I trust to make my own coffee but thankfully Omar and the Marvelous Coffee Bird is now top of my list for a local hit.

Then yesterday I hit up Melbourne city. Melbourne on a Sunday is relaxing and fun, without the midweek haze of disappointment from badly dressed office workers.

Ah Melbourne, how I love the Grand Dame. A walk through Degraves Street, then Block Arcade, Royal Arcade and Collins Street. I felt my mood rise considerably after waving my daughter goodbye for two months. Melbourne is always able to lift me up.

As a child I would ask to be taken to the city every Sunday. I named my daughter after an iconic Melbourne restaurant. I was married in the city. My children was christened in the city. I have asked for my ashes to be thrown down Collins Street from the top of Spring Street after I have popped my clogs. Melbourne is my best friend and my therapist.

And coffee ? Well coffee is my lover and Omar and his Marvelous Bird have just taken top spot on the perch.

Happy Monday lovers!


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