Warning: Opinion Ahead

Ok…so….I watched The Social Network.  All I could think about was Brett Easton Ellis‘s twitter, “the fake Facebook movie made by old men.”
The ages of director Fincher and screenwriter Sorkin (channeling David Mamet but less clever) was evident in both the directing and the script. Two old guys sitting around saying, “Facebook doesn’t let people talk anymore etc, etc.” Kinda like my Dad making a super 8 film about the genesis of email and its impact on the postal service.

They don’t get it because it’s not for them. It reminded me of something Clive James said when I saw him speak a while ago in Melbourne. He stated how much he hated Federation Square and then he had looked around the space and saw it was filled with young people. He realised that Fed Square was not for him. Like the Pompidou Centre in Paris, in which ‘old skool’ Parisians hate but young people love. Not for the old buggers.

Facebook is not for the old buggers.  Facebook just is another mode of communication with a messy startup. Does it warrant a film about it?
Not in my opinion but I will say I thought Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin was sublime. Really good. The transatlantic accent, the small gestures with his clothes. He reeked of rich cattle and South American gold.

I wonder if people are taken in by fast talking in a film. The faster the dialogue the moodier the cinematography, the more we celebrate it. Hey, I will be disagreed with here but I feel like The Social Network is not a classic but more a zeitgeist film. If this film was made in ten years time, with a true outline of how Facebook will play out in society, then that’s a story.

The idea of Facebook creating revolutions amongst the people in the Middle East, that’s a great ending right there. Logline – What started as a way to connect people is actually connecting the world yada yada yada.

Ok, enough about me and my underqualified opinions. I’m off to write.


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