A whole new world

La Lopez or the artist previously known as J-Lo and currently known as American Idol judge has a new song with Pitbull. ‘On the Floor.’

I give you some of her lyrics from this dime piece of music.

“Don’t stop keep it moving put your drinks up
It’s getting ill it’s getting sick on the floor
We never quit we never rest on the floor
If… I may die on the floor
Cos… London to Ibiza
Straight to L.A. New York.”

La Lopez is 41.  Is 41 too old for a club? When did she last go to a club with her Skeletor husband? I ain’t seen her at High Society Nitespot st Doncaster Shopping Town or Bobby McGee’s in the city. Just sayin’ is all.

I remember years ago, maybe I was 35 and at a trés club when you could still smoke on the dancefloor. I stepped to the side and looked at my friends dancing and realised that we were those old people on the floor clicking their fingers and singing into fake microphones. I saw a very fabulous girl, underage me thinks, looking at my friends with disdain on her face. I 86’d the club soon after and haven’t gone back.

I prefer to cut up the rug in my living room now. Better tunes, I can still smoke on the dancefloor if I want and have no underagers frowning at me (unless my daughter is at home).

La Lopez’s song is here if you want to hear it. I challenge you to get through it.

Happy day to you lovers.


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