Comments from the cheapseats


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So much to love here.

Camila Alves – a Goddess on the arm of  Matthew ‘Bongos’ McConaughey is astonishingly beautiful in Kaufmanfranc

Goop Paltrow in Calvin Klein and Vuitton vintage jewels.

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab.  Perfect.

Hailee Steinfeld who is fourteen and is dressed as such in Marchesa. Well played stylist.

Cate Blanchett in couture. People will hate but it is a show piece. The colour, a light lavender is dreamy.

And some randoms from Greece. Best Foreign film nomination or something. I just like their steeze. Bring it on, I think they are saying, but in Greek…

The worst dressed for me, was Marisa Tomei. She can and has done better. It was a vintage dress from Lily et Cie. Looked like a bad fit and tired. Sort of like Marisa.



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