“White gold? Boom.” Charlie Speaks

“Every plan I have is the best plan in the room.” Charlie Sheen.

Really Charlie? Really?

I vote we discuss with the following people and see if they concur. Lindsay Lohan, Andy Dick, Nick Nolte Mel Gibson, Britney Spears.

Or shall I send Chris Penn, Chris Farley, Jim Belushi and Anna Nicole Smith to remind you that they also thought they had the best plan in the room?

Watch the car crash of an interview here. I’m just gonna say it, Charlie looks like shit in this interview. Sick, thin, so unwell. Poor fucker.

Hey, we’ve all had massive nights. My years at drama school were some of the funniest and debauched known to man. My share house was known as “The House of Fun.” As were some nights in my twenties and the occasional night in my thirties and then I got over it. When do we decide that enough is enough?

I know addiction is a disease and all that jazz but I am fascinated when people seem to have everything they desire but they cannot make the choice between what they need and what they want. There is no way in hell that Charlie Sheen is ever gonna get a million dollars an episode again for anything. Nada.

On another note Melissa Leo at the Oscars is precisely why I dislike actors. Ever been in a room with an out of work actor and they see someone of note who may be able to help their career. You could be on fire and they will jump you to try and get to the person of note. Now Melissa bought some ads and put them in Variety promoting herself. In LA this is uncool. Trés uncool. Earn it, don’t beg for it. People thought she may have done herself a disservice but she still got the little gold man. Shrug. As you know I don’t mind swearing but great swearing needs to roll of the tongue. Not everyone can swear. When Melissa Leo swore in her speech she was acting. Intentional. Self promoting. Desperate.

Cameron Diaz can swear. Here is a trailer for her new movie. The girl makes me laugh.

Happy Tuesday.


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