Dress Better Mr.

I was getting a coffee at a cafe in Prahran when I saw him. The most beautifully dressed man I had ever seen in my life. Known for my stalking qualities, I watched as he read his paper. Dressed in shades of indigo and grey offsetting his silver hair,  the quality of everything he was and wore was evident, as though he actively pursued the best in everything. He walked to me and waited for his bill while I drank in his cologne. Subtle, bespoke. Elegant.

As he walked away, I noticed the drape of his pants, the cut of his shirt. I cannot remember his face, only his clothes, it has been a long time since I saw a man who dressed like this.

It got me thinking that men in Australia dress badly. Actually, not completely true. The men I know who are seriously stylish are either gay or Asian. I know but that’s just the way it is. Men in Australia need to learn about fabric, colour and cut. I know, the men in my world will be shaking their heads except those who are gay or Asian but really, suck it up. (For the record, the well dressed man in Prahran was part Asian.)

I know part of it is the complete lack of menswear in Australia. Country Road, Gaz Man (Worst name ever and worst labels on outside of clothes) and Blazer seem to be all there is for a man of a certain age. Oh and yes, god forbid, Rivers. (Those ads make me want to get all Virginia Woolf and drown myself in a river.)

So as I am bossy today I have thought of a few rules for mens fashion.


  • Polar fleece is not an option unless in the wilderness
  • Do not ever dress like an AFL footballer, ever.  No large graphics on shirts over one shoulder (the eagle seems popular), no pointy toed shoes with jeans
  • Don’t wear a slogan t-shirt unless you are being ironic and are known for your irony in conversation
  • Converse sneakers over the age of thirty is not on (unless you own Google)
  • Short sleeved shirts are never an option unless you work in a bank
  • No skinny jeans, ever, ever
  • No scarves unless it is cold (Think Ashton Kutcher– The Mayor of Ironic Scarves)
  • No hats, unless it is cold or hot (Jason Mraz, you have a lot to answer for)
  • Hair length should be proportional to the amount left
  • With very few exceptions, NEVER wear a visible logo.


Get a style icon.

George Clooney only wears shades of gray and blue with black and white as the in between.

Pharrell Williams wears colour and casual better than anyone I can think of.

Javier Bardem does scruffy elegance perfectly.

Brian Ferry wears tailoring with a touch of his own flavor.

Jay-Z has swagger and never apologises.

Jude Law does fashion well and he is a short man. He still brings the sexy though.

Now no man has an excuse to dress badly since the arrival of Mr. Porter. So many lovely things and so much to be inspired by.

Oh happy day.

Dress sharp fellas. When I first met my husband I looked at his shoes as we talked. Gorgeous brown suede laceups, handmade in Milan or Florence or something Euro. It was a turn on and  they offset the ‘man bob’ hairstyle he was sporting at the time. Start with the shoes and work you way up men.








2 thoughts on “Dress Better Mr.”

  1. I currently live in Sarasota, Fl, mainly a retirement community so nobody seems to dress for anything. Sometimes I am considered overdressed when I wear a sport coat and a nice pair of pants. There’s money in this town and there are nice places to buy clothes but I’ve yet to see any of those clothes in public. Someone has to be buying the clothes because the lights are still on at the stores. Maybe I’m just crazy to want people to look a little nicer during the day…oh well thanks for the post.

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