Today is International Women’s Day. Here is a video directed by Sam Taylor Wood, with Judi Dench and Daniel Craig bringing the message home.

The old cigarette ads declaring,  “You’ve come a long way baby,” used to inspire me as a kid. Now I see it was a lie. Nothing has changed since I was ten years old and looking at those ads. I could list the inequalities I see between men and women around me, in my own circle, in my own marriage but I don’t want to as it’s all too depressing and today is my gorgeous little boy’s birthday. I want to be happy for this day. Not resentful. So my goal is to do a great job of raising a son who doesn’t think that a woman should be less successful, wealthier or smarter than him. That she can be the successful one. That she is amazing and that he can celebrate that fact without feeling less than her.

Happy International Women’s Day.


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