Style it up lady

There are fashion rules for women as well as men, I was reminded after my post last week.

I agree but I do not adhere to all of the rules. I break quite a few and shake my fist at the rule makers. *shakes fist*

  • Cut your hair short after you turn 35 – I don’t agree. Some women look better with longer hair. If we all went short then we would all have those terrible older women haircuts, all short and spiky with coloured framed glasses.
  • Before you leave the house take one thing off – Again, I disagree although I do at times subscribe to the gypsy style of wearing all my necklaces at once. Some women people can rock this look, some look better with no accoutrements. You choose.
  • Choose between you eyes or your mouth for heavy makeup – True fact. Otherwise you look like a hooker or a drag queen depending on your bone structure.
  • Don’t wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride – You look needy and upstagey. People will talk, well I will anyway.
  • Don’t wear Christmas on your clothes – no snowmen puffpaint t-shirts, no presents appliqued onto your jumper, no sparkles, no earrings that light up. Ever.
  • If what you are wearing feels uncomfortable at home, no matter how good it looks, you will have a shitty night. I have tested this theory. True story. Trust. Be kind and be comfortable and chic.
  • Don’t wear a designer label from head t0 toe. So wrong.
  • Don’t trust sizes on a label – Buy what fits you. Go up a size if you need to and then get the item tailored to your shape. I have done this. It works.
  • Wear a decent bra – get fitted. I cannot stress this enough. Health and safety reasons along with aesthetics. You have two breasts, not a bolster.
  • Choose a style icon and when in doubt – Channel them for your wardrobe. I have a selection of them for my different moods. Audrey Hepburn, Karen van der Beek Californication, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Eva Green and Sophia Coppola.
  • When in doubt, do whatever you want. Rules are made to be broken after all.



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