A Room Of One’s Own

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My writers retreat. A single room with a small kitchenette and a stone bath on the verandah. A vista and a long driveway where I can veto visitors and hide under the bed if I feel the need.

I can only have one person to sleep at a time and you mustn’t stay longer than two or three days, unless you are able to commit to days of silence and or listening to me laugh and cry to myself as I write.

I enjoy a variety of music and do tend to sing loudly while I an doing the few chores in my small nest. I also drink copious amounts of coffee until midday. I swing from wildly distracted to hours of focus where I could bash out 7000 words a day. 10,000 is my record. (That day was stimulated by coffee and the characters annoying the hell out of me.)

I may not bathe until the next day but when I do I may soak for hours, refilling the hot water and reading highly fabulous, glossy magazines from cover to cover. I will accept coffee in lieu of rent and I will also accept critical advice. Feel free to read a chapter or two and tell me what you think. I like to know. I may not do anything about it but I will listen.

The meals I make in the small kitchenette are simple but tasty (like me).  Soups, cheese on toast, eggs with toast soldiers and tea from midday. Strong Robur tea in a Robur teapot.That is all.

Apply within.

P.S I will accept flowers and or Caramello Koalas as an arrival or departure gift.



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