Hemlines Are Up And Anti-Semitism Is In

Coming of the back of the Captain John “I hate Jews” Sparrow – Galliano video, I have been thinking about extremism on any front.

Yes, Galliano was sitting on his own time in the bar in Paris, spouting his own opinions and wearing the silliest hat in the world. (I figured he must have been pissed to wear that hat.) And yes, we have yet to see the whole video and yes, did the people incite him to start his rave? Questions yet to be answered but it does not discount the fact that what he said was vile.

Who feels this way anymore? (Besides Mel Gibson) I don’t see anti-semitism in my world, at least not amongst my friends and associates. I have lived and worked in a Jewish area for twenty years and I have Jewish friends and clients. I get why some of the more Orthodox sections keep to themselves and I admire their sense of community.

What concerns me more is the homophobia I still witness, even amongst seemingly educated people around me. I have witnessed¬† an educated man under the influence of alcohol, abuse a gay man in my circle of friends. I was told, “It’s because he was drunk.” Drunk is never an excuse, it is just allows the venom to have a voice. You believe that what you said is true and that is unforgivable.

I watch as gay friends of mine worry about what school they will send their child to, not because of the quality of education but for the level of acceptance from the other parents. Having to draw up extra legal agreements for the care of the child in case of the death of the biological mother, as the other mothers rights are not recognized. I see men keeping the sexuality from workplaces for fear of the bullying and bullshit that goes with being ‘out.’ Friends of my children, hiding their sexuality from their parents for fear of the repercussions at home. This makes me sad.

I wonder if Galliano remembered that his homeboy, Hitler, sent many a gay person to the gas chamber. That if Hitler had his way now, the gay people in our community would wear a pink star and be herded up and disposed of and Galliano would be at the head of the train, wondering when it all went so wrong, no doubt wearing that fucking Hilter Youth style hat. (Sorry that sentence was too long but I am ranting!)

When did we became intolerant again? I thought we were going so well for a while and then this vile comment from a man who must know the feeling of being not tolerated and not having equal rights.

I’m tired of it. I don’t give a shit who you fuck and where you come from or what colour your skin is and what time of the day you pray. All I ask is that we be kind to each other. If you don’t understand something about someone’s culture or beliefs, learn. Educate yourself and stop being a massively stupid tool and for fucks sake, don’t wear a silly hat in front of me. Because I am intolerant of stupid hats, not matter how fabulous you are!




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