Friday’s Love It or Leave It List

Love It:

  • Selling my book far across the waters
  • Decluttering my house and work
  • Hanging art and moving the energy at home
  • Seeing the Petticoat Government tonight at mine for champagne and fish and chips (When only the best will do)
  • Nurse Jackie– new on Gem
  • Californication – new season on Gem
  • Autumn days of sunshine and refreshing breezes (good clothes drying weather)
  • Twitter and new twitter friends

Leave it:

  • Glee covering a Gary Glitter song (does anyone see an issue here but me?)
  • The Lunar Perigee on the 19th of March (like and eclipse but worse)
  • Packing and moving the office *tears at hair*
  • Charlie Sheen (he needs to be quiet for a moment, please?)

Happy Friday and have a gorgeous weekend lovers!



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