Show me the pretty

I like looking at pretty things. (I am a Taurus after all). Here’s where I like to look at the pretty when I am out and about in ol’ Melbourne town.

  • Syrup – Seriously pretty things. The clothes are gorgeous and the accoutrements amusing and unusual.
  • Salt – Great clothes but even better sales. Check the sale rack up the back of the shop. Some great finds on here.
  • TL Wood – Always something for someone. Try and shop when Teresa, the designer, is in store. She styles like a dream.
  • Fiorina – The only thing I collect is her jewels. Indulgent? Yes. Satisfying, always.
  • Husk – Appeals to my inner boho chick and I like their accessories.
  • Hoss – See above and they have great sales.
  • Douglas and Hope – gorgeous clothes and feather cushions, what more could a lush girl ask for?

Happy Thursday lovers.



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