That’s not my name

Remember Northern Exposure? A cutesy show set in Alaska with Janine Turner, who was so gorgeous before she when to a Botox Party with Lisa Rinna. The other star was Rob Morrow. Now in the TV show Numbers. I care so little about that show, I refuse to even look it up to see if it’s still in production.

At a dinner recently and leafing through one the of the hostesses Architectural Digest magazines, I saw Rob Morrow’s LA home. What struck me about the article was not the house but Rob’s wife’s name – Debbon Ayer. Say it aloud. Yep, that’s right. Debbon Ayer.

Yesterday I discovered they called their daughter Tu Morrow. Say it aloud again. I know, right?

Reminds me of a friend of a friend who knew a girl called Sue Flay. I once worked with company where the boss was called Terry Towel. A friend’s father, who is a pediatrician, treated a child called Dwayne Pipe. I kid you not. Or a teacher whose student was Chasen Katz. *falls off sofa laughing*

Ah, amusing myself on a Monday.  Good times.

P.S  The former Police Minister of Manchester, UK was called Robin Banks.


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