What the hell do you know?

A comment came through from one of my editors about my apparent ability to write about ‘gorgeous’ female friendships this morning. It made me think of  Mark Twain‘s quote, “Write what you know.”

So what do I know? I know I am blessed with amazing female friends who put up with my layers of crazy.

I tossed out the vinergary ones a while back and now only spend quality time with those who don’t compete but just celebrate. I work on my friendships. I only trust women who have friends and lots of them. The more friends a girl has the more complex she is. A friend should reflect every part of you. The more you have the more layers there are to you…or maybe you’re just a great chick!

One of my friends is the most popular gal I know. It’s hard to get a date with her but when I do, I spend hours with her, never ending conversation, sometimes tears and alot of laughter. Yes, I think she is complex and this just makes her more interesting but she is also the kindest, funniest girl at the party.

I have two very close girlfriends, my BFF’s, as Hannah Montana would say. One lives close and the other far away.  It is no longer a friendship, it is a sisterhood. We have seen each other at our worst looking and our most ugly (I don’t recently went over to the closer BFF for coffee at 8am in my nightgown and robe). These women give me friendship through any emergency that requires no explanation. And they are my ultimate readers, I write for them. They are the first reader of my books, the critics and the sounding boards.

When I look at the friends in my world, each one of them gives me something amazing. Philosophy, gentle gossip, practical advice, humour, understanding, fashion advice, kindness and support.

Many of my friends I have known for over twenty five years. So it’s no wonder, in hindsight, I write about gorgeous relationships between women. This is all I have ever known.

So I will continue to nurture these relationships with the women in my life. They are my lifeblood and my inspiration in everyway.

A big shoutout to the gals in my life, thanks for putting up with me.


P.S I also know alot about irritable bowel syndrome and yeast infection in dog’s ears but I choose not to include this in my writing. Sure, write what you know but don’t include everything. #Just sayin’.






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