Hope Rises

In the middle of my Zumba session today (shut up, it works), I morphed from misanthrope to optimist. Was it the ‘endolphins‘? Or was it the sudden excitement at getting to revisit my book with the edits?

Either way I wanted to run from Zumba and get cracking.  There is a set of characters in my book who I love so much that just thinking about them makes me want to cry with joy. Weird huh? They seem so real to me. Imagine if they are real in a parallel universe…spooky. Ok, That’s all a bit Arthur C. Clarke for my liking but I do like to think they exist somewhere.

Meanwhile, I am tasting dust as I live in chaos while we move things from work to home. I cannot start any writing until this is done and so I am trying to move through the tasks as quickly as possible. Clean and fresh and ready to write is the order of the day.

Who wants to come and help?


Image by Miruna Ivanescu



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