What did you say?

Does anybody read this blog? I have no idea but I like writing a blog again so it doesn’t really matter who reads or doesn’t. I am more myself on here than in any other forum and I rarely self edit what I write. I am the person behind the screen, á la Wizard of Oz, sending out the messages to no one or everyone.

Here, I am a writer. When I am working on my books, I am an author. Apparently the differentiation is important in the industry. *shrugs*

Either way I put down words in an order that are supposed to express something. The better the writer, the more brilliant the order or the words and it helps to have a wide range of words to choose from. Fairly simple in theory. Somewhat harder to do in practice. (This is why the thesaurus sits in my bookmarks toolbar.)

Last night I found the mental solution to my edits and the inspiration at about eleven o’clock at night. Unfortunately I could not honour this flash of brilliance being bone tired and saddled with responsibilities. Sometimes art has to wait till the lunches are made and the mince is defrosting on the counter.

Art is a bitch and she doesn’t care what the hell she is interrupting. Does she care that you need sleep after moving all weekend or have planned to have Japanese with a girlfriend today? (I am so going, Art can wait her turn till I’ve had my sashimi.)

No, she doesn’t care. Suck it up.

But after my Japanese….well then I am into it, bigtime. I am gonna whip Arts skinny ass into line and she can fucking well come and shine her light on me when I’m good and ready.

Later lovers.


4 thoughts on “What did you say?”

  1. You’re prolific, that’s all I can say. I had a blog and I found it quite hard to maintain output, esp when there were people reading it.
    Suddenly, instead of writing for myself, I had to make it ‘interesting’.

  2. 🙂
    Respect for your energy. I kept mine going for almost 3 years but then ran out of puff.
    I might pick it up again. Re-reading it, it jogs memories which if I hadnt written it down, would have been forgotten.
    And I got to meet some nice people, some of whom remain friends in real life 🙂

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