Bully For You

There was a bad TV show on years ago, Veronica’s Closet. Kirstie Alley in circus tent lingerie crowing about something.  Kathy Najimy underused, as usual. The one thing I took from that show, to save in my pop culture bank, comes from an episode where Veronica has a crush on her boss, Ron Silver. She is upset with having a crush and it only gets deeper as he keeps doing more charming and thoughtful things for people throughout the episode.  Questioning if she is falling for him, everything is made clear when he when arrives at her house wearing a matadors hat. The spell is broken. The crush is gone. All thanks to the ridiculous matador hat.

So here’s what I learned from Veronica’s Closet – Love is when you think your crush looks good in the matadors hat. That’s it. Simple. Easy.

Happy Monday lovers.






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