Bag Sex

When I get you alone, I will run my fingers over your skin, feeling the tiny imperfections that make you near perfect. I will wear you naked, in front of a mirror so you can see how well we look together. I will undo the bow, explore your satin insides, then do it up again. You shed your skin for me, turning inside out to bring me pleasure and I want you to know of my eternal adoration and gratitude.

You will carry my fantasies and thoughts inside you, protecting my future and my past. I will not discard you, stepping over you in the public filth. No, I will sit you rightfully where you belong, beside me.

What fun we will have, you draped over me, caressing my hip, pushing against me to remind me,  you are worth the indulgence. A stud, snapping me open and shut. I like the sound of your zip as it undoes, promising the unveiling of something special.  I fondle absentmindedly, your silver talisman while you are on my lap. Your weight pressing against my soft flesh. The chain, delicate yet not to be argued with. I see the chain, I know what it does and what it can do.  I surrender.

Oh how I wish you were mine. I think of you often but cannot indulge in you. You know why.

But if you were to come to me, come my way, as a gift per se, then I would not deny the luxury of our union. You know I want you. I know you want me. The rest is up to the Gods.



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