Up early to collect changeling from country juvi. She loved it. I loved it. Now home exhausted from the drive and emotion. Japanese dinner tonight and then back to the edit grindstone tomorrow, along with shifting crap from my back deck, which currently looks like a second hand shop. I’m having a massive clear out and just randomly putting things on the front nature strip and selling stuff at auction house. Very cathartic. Last week I met a family just arrived to Melbourne, no furniture who were so excited to take my tulip table and eiffel chairs free. I shrugged, “Take it,” I said. “I care not for clutter.”

Same with my book edits. Well used detail and tightness is the answer. Don’t just use a big word because you know the meaning. Chances are others won’t. Zip it along and lose the bullshit intended to make you sound smart. Short sentences please. Wit should be used as a truffle shaved on top of a pasta. Small amounts enhance the flavor, too much overpowers. Try to write what you mean but as economically as possible. Lose the repetition. Continuity in everything. Write it down on a spare document as you create the story to refer back to. Her eyes must remain blue through the story.

Oh yes and finally, try and lose the ‘ly’ words. Try and lose the ‘in fact’. Try and lose ‘that’ where possible.





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