2012 Ends on a High Note

I have heard some crazy 2012 disaster theories from hippy friends and their associates recently. One of them so bizarre I cannot stop laughing whenever I think of it. All I can say is there is a cult, a secret bunker, a gay man and blindfold. Sounds like Eyes Wide Shut to me. I really want to ask the gay man if he is really prepared to restart humanity because he will have to have sex with a woman in the cult. Maybe that’s what the blindfold is for? I don’t know if he is truly prepared to do this, as another gay friend of mine once likened his only sexual experience with a woman, as putting his cock between two raw chicken fillets. I know! Hilarious. (And if I have offended you then go play somewhere else. I never promised you a rose garden.)

So now Lars Von Trier, the craziest man in film has decided to make his own version of a disaster movie. I actually found the trailer very compelling. It’s the use of Wagner as a soundtrack. Is it Tristan and Isolde? Correct me if I am wrong but defs Wagner.

Doesn’t this movie look so classy? Kirsten’s wedding dress, the hot air balloon, the house, F. Scott Fitzgeraldesque. Tender is the Night styling. I suppose Catherine Martin will be watching to garner ideas for The Great Gatsby. I did hear a rumour that the studio are trying to make Luhrmann’s adaptation 3D. WTF? “These 3d Glasses are bought to you by T.J. Eckleburg.” (Read the book if you don’t get this joke, for those who know what I’m talking about, hilar right? *high five*) I knew a guy who had a huge sign of T.J. Eckleburg over his bed. Erudite, sexy, wry. All the things I like in a man.

Ok, I am off to do writing and generally clever things.

I’ll let you know how I go.

Happy Wednesday lovers.


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