Friday’s Love It Or Leave It List

Love it:

  • Polyvore – check it out and make your own mood boards for styling. Do it!
  • New Woody Allen film with a cast that makes me beyond happy –
  • Hugh Grant bugging the buggers. Read here for a laugh
  • Bossypants by Tina Fey. I keep annoying people by reading parts out loud to them. The woman’s pop culture knowledge is unparalleled.
  • Being on track with my homework. Three gold stars to me. ✰✰✰
  • Japanese tapas at Ichi Ni- the pork belly in deep fried in miso paste was craaaazy.
  • Drapht being No 1 on the Aria chart. *fist bump*
  • Seeing old friends
  • Friends taking care of me in business over the Atlantic 🙂

Leave It:

  • Tiredness from working fourteen hours days
  • Stepping back into corporate world briefly yesterday which served to remind me, I hate that world. I hated being bossypants. I found I had sudden onset of late life Tourettes and had to be held back from slapping a man over the back of the head for being an idiot and telling him to dress like the age he is and not a boy. I received several jabs in the leg from my business man next to me to tell me to stop rolling my eyes and sighing. I get it. I am no longer fit for the top end of town.
  • Prophetic dreams about the economy and now so many jobs being lost in Australia. A clever banker type who rolls in money in his spare time predicted this to me a while back and according to him, worse is to come. Glad to have battened down hatches and used to living on less now.

Later peeps.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Love It Or Leave It List”

  1. I am heading back to corporate world in July – am seriously concerned that I am no longer fit for the top end of town either….just the thought of sitting around a table talking about the meaning of collaboration makes me want to drink a lot of vodka.

    1. I have become slightly misanthropic. The time I spent in this meeting, where due process and other such misnomers where discussed made me want to stab myself in the eye with my pen until i decided to see if there were any characters I could use. Observe I told myself. Sadly none that would be fabulous enough for my books. Real life is so boring sometimes.

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