I had a music weekend. For those who know me personally, I am a frustrated DJ and music rules my life. I threw on Adele a few times over the weekend.

The girl can sing but geez her songs are sucky. Such  shame. Earnest, turgid songs about loser boys that you meet in your twenties.

I also threw on Drapht. Australia’s Number One album. A long time since we had a Number One album that is by an Australian band.

Drapht is fun, doesn’t try so hard. If you like Skip Hop. I like Skip Hop. I like the cultural references, I get them, they always use great samples and it’s fun. Not so ‘Straight outta Compton’. Who says that Hip Hop has to be so fucking angry all the time? Anyway, let go of the cultural cringe and embrace the tunes.

“So gorgeous, Walking on water,
Sort of like Erin McNaught, But little shorter,
Wore a pandora, Bought her a charm,
Wasn’t short of thought – Bit of Paul on her arm,
Calling for calm, We fought, Made Iraq
and the border of Jordan a walk in the park

Good yeah? Funny.

Happy Tunesday.


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