Friday’s Love It Or Leave It List

Love it:

  • Heather Morris (Glee) dancing to new tunes in a ridiculously sexy outfit. This is what I write in…in my mind
  • These incredible photos from New York photographer and style maven, Jamie Beck. Reminds me of Harry Potter. Amazing
  • The Royal Wedding. I know I’m lame but really, what the world needs now is love baby and more of it
  • Separated by Birth- a combo of vintage stars and modern interiors. The gal from San Francisco is always spot on
  • Julia’s Journal – educate yourselves on the elegant peeps
  • The Creative Challenges at Soul Pancake. Check it out
  • The new word – Spiritivity. To act with spirit and creativity. Live it.
  • The Matrix dance on Britain’s Got Talent. (The dude is actually Romanian so I guess Britain doesn’t have talent. Evidently Romania does but it seems they don’t have TV. So Razy had to go to Britain…you get the rest)

Leave it:

  • Donald Trump for the calling of Obama’s birth certificate to be made public
  • Donald Trump’s hair
  • Donald Trump’s wives
  • Donald Trump for referencing his plane at any chance he can get
  • Donald Trump.

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