Wedding Fever

I have noticed a cynicism about the Royal Wedding, people claiming they don’t care or are too cool for a display of love but then slowly they turn and admit, somewhere deep inside they too, are looking forward to the event. “I just want to see the dress.” Seems to be the most commonly heard phrase at the moment.

I don’t want to just see the dress, I want to see it all. The way her and her dress emerge from the car. The fussing of her sister to get the dress to sit just right. The steady hand of her father as she takes her steps up the aisle. The look on Wills face when Kate walks towards him. Who can forget Prince Frederick of Denmark openly weeping as Mary of Tasmania walked towards him? Not a dry eye in the house, well, not in my house anyway.

I am unashamedly in love with love. The wedding is not about the Royals for me but about love but then I do adore a wedding. I am the person who beeps her car horn at the passing bride in the car with her father or her groom depending on whether they are heading to or from the ceremony. People did this to me when I rode in the vintage Jaguar to my own wedding through the city of Melbourne. Gosh it felt lovely. The brides never fail to wave back enthusiastically, happy to be seen in their finest on the day, love and optimism pouring from them.

I used to live near a church and my daughter and I would wander down the road and eat an ice-cream and wait for the bride to emerge on a Saturday afternoon. White, cream, ribbons and a bows, roses and lilies. Everything nice with sugar and spice. Romance is never far away if you look around.

What I like about Kate and William is that they have chosen to make it work. Through the snobbery, the rude comments about her family, the snide asides about his family, the taxpayers and the ever present ghost of his parents failed marriage, they have made it work. It’s not easy to overcome pressure from families and expectations. It’s hard to be seen as not appropriate by some when so many other people in your life love you. You have to rise above it all and I do believe Kate and William have done this.

So I will watch tonight with my girlfriends and we will no doubt, laugh, I will cry, I always do at weddings and cheer when they kiss.

But gee, I can’t wait to see the dress.

P.S This is an Alexander McQueen dress, designed by Sarah Burton, widely tipped to be the wedding dress designer. Stay tuned.


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