Not So (much) Raven

There is so much to write about this week. Weddings, the deaths of the theologian terrorist, Lindsay Lohan doing community service sans brassiere and the Met Ball fashion. I am not qualified to speak on any subject except for fashion terrorism and I thought the met Ball costumes were sombre. A shame really, as it was in honour of Alexander McQueen. He is the last person who would have wanted sombre. SJP channeled Mrs. Robinson with her bad hairstyle. Remember when she was his muse for the Anglomania collection and she went to the Ball in a tartan ballgown. Fabu!

But I digress in this dress. Let’s talk about Raven Symone. Once the cute stepdaughter of Lisa Bonet on The Cosby Show. Then a Disney star of her own TV show which my kids loved. Now she is reinventing herself again by losing weight and morphing into a blend of Nicole Richie and Paula Abdul. How do these kids lose weight so quickly? Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osborne, Jordin Sparks. Not good for you.

Not as bad as the celebrity mother who forced her child to have her stomach stapled down in Mexico. The child ‘divorced’ the mother. Took the millions with her. Mother now in the financial shitter, daughter now happy and normal. Just sayin’.

Now to make up for the horror of the picture above. I will leave you with Nine d’Urso, daughter of Ines de la Fressange. Muse to Lagerfeld, Parisian icon and possible the most stylish woman in the world. Read the rest here at Lonny. Love it.

Later lovers.


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