She Called Them What?

The reason I am so late with blogging today is that I am stunned by the names Mariah Carey has called her twins – Monroe and Moroccan Scott.

So much to say about this but lets discuss the grammar. I like geographical names for babies; India, Persia, Asia, Syrie (a variation on Syria) Cairo and Egypt (the name of Alicia Keys little boy). However La Mariah has called her son Moroccan.  Not Morocco which is ok, not great but passable. But Moroccan? Really? “This is my baby Persian or Indian.”

Doesn’t work, non?

And as for the Hollywood surname as a first name. I’m tired of it. Harlow, Chaplin and Bardot (all names of Hollywood babies). Yawn.

Now I like unusual names. My children have unique names as I never wanted them to be saddled amongst four or five other children with the same name, which is what I experienced at school but Moroccan?

I am seriously reeling.

On a lighter note. Check the out the group photo of the Royal Wedding and see what Eliza Lopes, the littlest bridesmaid is holding. A wiggly worm that Harry pulled out in the carriage to entertain her and she refused to let it go. Love that they let her hold the worm in the pictures. Love more that Harry had a little trick in his pocket for the little people. I want to make a joke about other tricks he had in his pockets for the older bridesmaid but I won’t…oh…too late.


2 thoughts on “She Called Them What?”

  1. I still think that Princess Mary calling her baby boy Vincent is priceless.

    Prince Vince? I mean, really?

    Maybe they’re all still under the influence of the happy gas.

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