Tweetle Dee Tweetle Dum

Twitter? You on it? Is is happening for you?

Last week I had an interesting tweet dialogue with writer Kylie Ladd (read her book, After the Fall, bloody brilliant). I wondered if writers who write about writerly shop talk online alienate their readers. Is tweeting as a writer for you or your readers?

Good tweeting should be amusing, erudite and informative. I have yet to give good tweet. *sigh*

Here is a list of cool tweeters who are worth following.

More and more publishers are pushing writers to use the ‘interweb’ as my Dad calls it. But for what end? If you have something to say then say it but using social media just for selling can be dangerous. The worst are those writers who have blogs and update them once a year. God, I hate that. It’s akin to receiving a typed letter in a Christmas card with an update on what the family have achieved over the year with your name and their signature, handwritten at the top and the bottom of the page. *shudders*

In my past life, where I hung precariously onto a glass perch in the marketing and advertising world, having a blog or a twitter and then updating it annually is called – “negative marketing.” Reward your readers or followers. If they love your writing enough to follow you or log onto your blog then get off your butt and make it interesting and often. Thinking of your online presence like a shop. Inside your shop is all this marvelous stock and wonderful things but you only ever change the window display when you can be bothered. Such a shame, you could be getting so many more customers/readers/followers. What is worse are those who only use their twitter/blog/Facebook to whore their book and then we never see them again.  Damn you and your tawdry use of social media.

I know of a writer who uses her personal Facebook page as a page for her fans as well. Not for me thanks. My Facebook is private. Only there will you read about the inner working of my life and see photos  me in my ugliest yoga pants mauling my dogs and children in that order. But my blog and twitter? That’s for everyone to read and place where I get to be completely self-absorbed and can ramble about that which I love best; gossip, fashion, celebrity, culture and writing in that order.

Here is a list of authors on twitter who are worth following because they give back to their readers in many ways. Love.

Happy Tuesday lovers.

P.S  Follow me here on twitter if you can be bothered @kateforster


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