Writing Routines 101

Do you know that Martha Stewart doesn’t have a dressing gown? She heads straight from her bed to her shower and dresses for the day. No messing about, straight into it. Very Martha (Such a Leo).

I have taken a leaf from Martha’s routine and started the day with a shower. I find the water wakes me up and I am able to get moving a little easier instead of waking up on the sofa with a cup of tea in my hands. Does it count that I get dressed into my stretchy clothes post shower? Would Martha own yoga pants from Target?

Finding the writing routine that works best for me has been a challenge. It’s the starting that I have struggled with. Once I start, usually I am in the flow and then I can’t stop but there are endless distractions. Should I clean out the pantry? Or sort the linen closet? Or color code my wardrobe? Anything but starting.

There are endless blogs dedicated to writers routines. I like to read others routines but you have to find the one that works best for you on that day. Somedays, like today, it is early and I am at my desk writing. Other days, my ass and my sofa have morphed into one and I write slothlike until I roll off the the sofa and into bed.

It’s the same as other writers and their processes.  I learned yesterday that Jennifer Egan plots her book on Powerpoint. Not my steeze but there is  a marvelous link here to read about other authors writing routines. I like Hilary Mantel’s dream and shower solution. Last night I dreamed of colourful pirate ships with multicolored sails and a fun park that floated on water.

What a great dream to think about today. Off to edit UK manuscript. Good times.

Happy Thursday lovers.


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