Triple Twizzle

Three stars from the red carpet at Cannes this week. Angelina just stepped out (in Versace) three hours ago for the Tree of Life premiere. Jeez, I treat you well, so current. Anyway.

Why did Rachel and Penelope wear Marchesa to their respective premieres?

Because Harvey Weinstein‘s wife is the designer and Harvey is, to quote Renee Zellweger, “the biggest bully in the playground.”

The problem I have with Marchesa is that it’s super overdone, always with the frills and the bullshit. Like the clothes you designed when you were ten. Lately at Cannes, Penelope Cruz and Rachel McAdams wore Marchesa. Wow. Ice dancing costume, much? Really.

Shut up if you don’t agree with me. I don’t care.  Here’s my argument. In twenty years time, the Cruz and McAdam’s photos will be pulled up in pictorial retrospectives and these could be the gowns people will remember them in.

There are often questions over Angelina Jolie‘s consistantly conservative taste when she heads out for red carpet and even in her private life. Plain colours, simple accessories, nude makeup. Never anything memorable or too fashionable. I get it. Do you?


Because she lets her face do the work. That’s all you need when you are Angelina. In years to come when photos are pulled of Angelina, she won’t look silly in her frou frou dress. She will be placed amongst the other style icons; Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

It’s a decision that might be boring for us now but will pay off for Angelina in the future. Trust me. The woman thinks that far ahead.

How does she want to be seen in twenty years? Not in a friggin’ ice dancing costume, that’s for sure.



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