Free Ride

I have been playing Words with Friends all weekend with strangers, my sister and friend. Man, did I get my butt kicked. My sister Emma and friend Sam, whipped me into a melted pile of vowels and I’m ashamed of myself. I need to bring my A game. Right now I’m bringing my L game, (L for loser.)

Meanwhile I spent the weekend of my birthday with family, a smattering of closest girlfriends with champagne and some a serious afternoon tea at The Langham with family. I love a hotel. The quiet murmurs, interspersed with the clatter of heavy cutlery and the echo of the piano playing Abba and Smoke on the Water, Richard Clayderman style.

I also hitchhiked on Saturday but that’s another story for another day but I will say that I am pleased that I am still living on the edge at forty. (N.B. I did choose a car with an older lady driving, does this still count? Hell yeah!)

Off to write dialogue.



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