What Katie Did next…

Well, besides meeting Michelle and Barry and rockin’ a glowing tan from the Seychelles, Kate wore a dress from Reiss. It retails for about $200 Australian. Looks good, non?

Reiss isn’t in Australia yet but you can buy online for those who wish to look like Kate. The bag is Anya Hindmarch from her Bespoke collection. Both of these brands are affordable. Anya Hindmarch is a little pricier but still, a worthy investment.

Kate plays it safe in her fashion and sticks to the classics. Although not a huge fan of her fashion (electric blue and black at a wedding last year made me a little concerned) I do understand that everything she does will be recorded for ever by the media and goddamn she doesn’t want to look back and wince. Its reminds me of the argument I presented about Angelina versus Marchesa at Cannes.

You never want to look back and wince. I have very few wince-able outfits in photos.

Trust the classics friends.


4 thoughts on “What Katie Did next…”

  1. Shit! I wore blue and black at lunch last weekend! It looked bad yes? Can i be excused due to lack of mirrors in my new house? Lack of sleep? I promise it won’t happen again!

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