Friday’s Love It Or Leave It List

Love it:

Leave it:

  • Sex trafficking. Read an article here if you can bear it. Sad but worth knowing about. Great journalism.
  • Oprah’s farewell. Nicely summed up in this article.
  • Mouldy roses in my garden from the humid summer #first world problems but still…
  • Plum Sykes on chicklit. Darling, your books are called Bergdorf Blondes and Debutante Divorcees. Just sayin’.

Word of the weekend is Clinquant – pronounced- “clin-kant”. Meaning – glittering, tinsel-like. Try and use it if you can, you will look marvelously clever. See example below:

The room had a twelve-foot high ceiling: hanging from it, four dimly lit antique brass chandeliers cast a clinquant glow on this sunless day.
— Sally Koslow, The Late, Lamented Molly Marx: A Novel
Have a resplendent weekend lovers.

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