Grimace and Bare It!

I am convinced that Snooki from Jersey Shore and Grimace from McDonald’s are the same character. I am also convinced that Grimace is the prettier one.

I get when you’re young that you gotta let your freak flag fly, now is the time etc but seriously, this t-shirt? These boots? It’s the bow in the hair that sets it off for me. Hello Kitty meets Wham meets Star Wars. Now listen, I admit I wore some bad shit back in the day. I rocked a vintage dress and jacket that made me look like a tram conductor.  Then there were my Sade years; torn Levi 501‘s, a velvet bolero, scraped back ponytail and hoops in my ears big enough for white tigers to jump through.

So much bad vintage in my wardrobe in hindsight. My father thought what I wore out was hysterical. I remembering him saying as I exited the house in a gold and turquoise silk Tunisian hat and blood red flamenco skirt, “One day you will look back and grimace.” He was right, I do grimace but at least I’m not Grimace.

Just sayin’.

Happy Monday lovers.


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