The Best Dressed Award Goes To…

Sofia Coppola.


Because she wore flats to the Oscars. She also the best eye. Remember the light in Lost in Translation? Come on, you have to be an artist to direct like that.

Sofia knows what suits her and yet has a casual Euro feel with a touch of California cool. Always understated, she doesn’t stand out but I betcha bottom dollar, when you are up close and personal, you will see the quality in everything. Her haircut, the fabric and the leather. Understated, she lives in Paris now with her French partner and two little girls and you can see the Paris influence.

I want to add that Sofia is a Taurus. Slap bang in the middle of May . I have another friend whose birthday is a few days before her. She is similar to Sofia in her understated dressing and yet up close it’s all quality. I am a Taurus but I am on the Gemini cusp, which is why I rock a little more Stevie Nicks in my style. Stevie is the Gemini poster girl, all floaty and gypsy but with some quality crystals.

Here is the link to Sofia’s guest editing French Vogue back in 2005. Gorgeous and if you don’t like it or get it then I don’t think we can be friends. Just sayin’.


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