Oh Mandy…

No, I am not about to launch into the classic Barry Manilow song, relax. Instead I want to share with you a book that I adored as a child – Mandy by Julie Andrews. Yes, that Julie Andrews. You didn’t know she could write? She can and then some. A classic tale of an orphan and a neglected cottage which the small child makes her home. There was so much I loved about his book and I was thrilled to share it with my own daughter, who loved it just as much as I did so many years ago.

The theme of renewal has always appealed to me. Any sort of a makeover  in film or in books -Mary tending the garden in The Secret Garden, the makeover of Calamity Jane‘s cottage in the Doris Day classic film, Julia Roberts in the red dress in Pretty Woman is bliss. Metamorphosis is enticing to watch and even better to read about.

On the topic of reading, I downloaded Kindle to my  eye 😉 phone  on the weekend and read my first book last night. It’s a marvelous thing, the e-reader. Do I think it will replace the common book? Not yet. I think they will work hand in hand for a while. I do like the idea of reading on my phone when I am waiting for children at school pickups. I recently lost a book that I had tucked in the pocket of my car door, dropped somewhere on the road. Makes me sad but happy if someone found it and liked it. It was a good read. *sigh* I might download it to my  eye 😉 phone. Yay.

Holiday here today and I plan on writing all afternoon. Good times, good times. Filled with spirit and sexy thoughts. A perfect combo if there ever was one.

P.S Major astrological shift this week. Since January 13th Saturn has been going backwards. So much emotional silt has surfaced and we have had to clean and file it all. It ends this week with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Wham, Bam, Thank you Mam. Where is Saturn in your chart? That’s where the lessons lie for you. (Lessons are for *insert heavy handed metaphor here*)

Happy Monday friends.


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