Happy Ever After

Do happy endings really exist? *Insert Carrie Bradshaw voiceover here* After the sweat dries, the romance turns into predictability and your lover picks his toenails in front of the TV, is this your happy ending you hoped for?

I like to write happy endings in my books, unashamed loved up endings. There is nothing worse when I read a book and don’t get a picture of where my characters will be when I let them go. I have invested so much in these characters. A throwaway line about their future is not enough. Give me the details. Let me go back again and again and reread as I did when I was a teenager, revelling in the bliss of the pieces coming together.

I think there are many happy endings throughout your life. Each stage of your life is a chapter and when we yearn for something or someone and we get them then a new chapters starts. It is never the end of the story. I think of my own life and there are happy endings throughout it after some shitty starts and some mediocre middle acts.

Are happy endings a cop out? I don’t think so but then I would say that, after all, I cry when people win things on the radio. I want people to have what they want and need in life, this is why I write I suppose. Life is hard and not fair. If it were then we would all be at goal weight and living out our perfect lives not dealing with the crappy starts and deflated middle bit and sometimes inglorious endings. 

We all deserve a happy ending, even in a book.


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