DJ in the House



Sometimes I write in complete silence and sometimes, I write with tunes. Mostly jazz. Classical music is too melancholic and influences what I write although I do like the soundtrack from Pride and Prejudice, gorgeous lush stuff and worth trying out. Just a warning you may find yourself channeling Austen.

Music is the biggest part of my life, bigger than writing. I grew up with music surrounding me, I studied music at school and at university. Music comes with me everywhere now. My musical tastes are described catholic; universal and not defined. I could move easily from a Jungle Brothers track to Bach and then onto James Brown and finishing with some obscure hiphop track.

One of the best things about iTunes is genius. Create your own playlists. The best playlists are those marked dance. Those who know me know I love to dance and there is never a party at my house happens where dancing isn’t involved. My new favorite tunes, courtesy of BFF Emma, is the Ku De Ta podcasts. Just go to iTunes and podcasts and search and download. Too easy and you will always have club stylings on your playlist.

Off to do something clever. I’ll let you know when I’m done.



12 thoughts on “DJ in the House”

  1. Its odd that you should mention Jazz. I started to write while listening to jazz especially swing, and the big bands. Usually music becomes a kind of wall against other noices in the house and helps me focus, but with jazz I let the music dictate the rhythm of my writing. And I found it changing my work. Not only the rhythm of the sentences but also the story lines and the reaction of characters in the stories. I wrote 3 interconnected jazz novels. (There’s a well know novel from South America called BEAT that also influenced me.) The first of the novels is called Day Shift. You can find it at the sight below.

    1. Absolutely gorgeous. She reminds me of Billie Holiday with her phrasing. Cy Coleman is a fave composer of of mine. Thanks for the heads up on this. I will now get the CD.

  2. I find if I start listening to her stuff, I cannot stop.
    For completeness, that song above is from a compilation album.

    Fiona is the only artist with 2 songs on it.
    The other one is on youtube too.

    She’s had only 3 albums out, the first being in 1996.

    Some trivia, her last album was being produced by Jon Brion and she got artist block and changed producers to Mike Elizondo, which is what Sony released.

    You can get a bootleg version of the Brion version and this is one of the very rare occasion where you can see the difference a producer makes on an album.

    I strongly believe the Brion version is superior. Brion produced her first 2 albums (as well as the soundtrack to Punch Drunk Love).

  3. Oooo pretty. Thanks!! i love getting new tunes to get me through the dark. Send anymore over that you like.

  4. Not in the industry. Just an unnatural fascination with Ms Apple 🙂
    She’s a poet.

    Would highly recommend Fiona’s Tidal album and her even better album, When the Pawn.

    If your sensibilities are like mine, then you might like Sufjan Stevens as well, who in 2009, came out to Aust and sold out 6 concerts within the day with little to no advertising.

    Check out his 2005 album, Illinoise which was #1 for 2005 on

  5. Ah yes I know Sufjan Stevens. Horroshow sampled one of his tracks in Walk You Home. His song For the Widows. Bloody Gorgeous.

  6. Quite interesting. But not really cup of tea.
    But if you’re into this sort of music,
    there was a compilation of rap remixes of Sufjan
    last year?

    Never thought rap fans would have taken to christian banjo music
    but am obviously mistaken 🙂

    I’m more into the angsty, melancholy genre 🙂

    Another song I like.

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