The Rumpus Of My Mind

I never claimed to be highbrow in my thinking. I don’t sit around and muse about world peace and finding a solution for the radiation in Japan. I am what I am and I am a shallow bitch most days.

Here’s a glimpse into my mind and thinking about in the past 24 hours:

  • What happens to TV stars when their show gets cancelled? I ask this because yesterday I watched an old episode of The Love Boat and saw so many faces who I have never seen again. Lauren Tewes, Jill Whelan, Bernie Kopell. Who are today’s TV stars destined to vapourise into obscurity? David Schwimmer? Matthew Perry?
  • Why do we see so many photos of Suri Cruise but few of the two children he had with ‘Our Nicole'(as Ray Martin calls her)?
  • Why can’t I find a gorgeous movie to watch? Something lush like Something’s Gotta Give or The Holiday. Great sets, pretty people and easy storylines? I think only the French make movies like this anymore. Heartbreaker and Priceless and I Do are all worth seeing.
  • Why an I enjoying ABBA so much today? I usually hate ABBA, I hated Mama Mia. What’s going on? It’s so shameful I nearly didn’t admit it.
  • What will I have for lunch? Better be something good ‘cos god knows I’m in a foul mood today. FOUL.
  • Why do I keep Googling kids costumes? I would like the one above but I would probably look better in the one below.

Later friends.



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