Library Love

This is the reading room of the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar, Germany. There is so much going on in this library that I love, The floors, the backlit shelves, the seating and it’s arrangement. I imagine you get an infusion of intellect when enter the doors of this establishment.

Recently I worked for a day at the State library in Victoria. Different ambiance but still wonderful to work beneath that dome.

There are two reasons why I have found my  library love again over the past three years. Firstly because I moved to a municipality where the libraries are taken care of and secondly because I was trying to save money. I have bought so many books over the years. I wouldn’t think twice before dropping a few hundred dollars at bookstore and perhaps never even read the books. The pile on my nightstand would mock me and eventually they would find their way to a shelf and sit there sad and forlorn.

I loved the library as a child and then explored it again with my own children. Now I take my BFF’s little children there once a week. The joy at watching the three-year old make the decision about which books she will read and share with her baby brother makes me laugh. Last week she gave him a giant book on pandas “because he loves pandas” she stated knowledgeably.

The best part of borrowing books is that I have a deadline to finish. I also don’t bother to finish a book if I am not enjoying it as I would if I had bought it. I have read books by authors I had never heard of before. I move through the shelves and pick and choose at random. I have found some gems and some stinkers. I have a found a few books I loved so much I ended up buying copies for friends and one for myself.

I love the staff recommendations shelf, an obscure mix of light and heavy fiction. The toys for the children some broken but the children never minding their state. The students pretending to study. Hushed tones pierced with conversation and sometimes laughter. Phones ringing and the smell of books.

Oh yes, my affaire avec la bibliothèque is passionate and unending.

Get thee to a library please. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Happy Thursday.


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