Stick To The Classics

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“My mother always told me to dress like a lady and I’d never regret it.” –Gwyneth Paltrow

The slideshow of Gwyneth is from 1995 to now. The girl has had very few fashion mistakes. Very few beside that bad Stella McCartney with the plaits and no bra but I can forgive her for that. Maybe she was stoned on Stella’s organic, macrobiotoc, vegan dope? It’s a possibility.

Meanwhile, Gwyneth has got great style, oui? The gold sequined jacket and tank with jeans from 2004 would still work now.

I cannot say enough about this subject matter to my own daughter. Some of the shit her friends wear makes me want to stab myself in the eyes so I can remove the image that has been burned onto my retina.  What I find odd is that some mothers think my daughter is racy because she dyes her hair, swears and has a liberal attitiude to life; meaning she is friends with gay people, people from different socioeconomic statuses, has lots of friends who are boys and knows about life stuff. It doesn’t mean she is up to no good, she is just honest and often the go to person amongst her friends for life advice and the keeper of some dark knowledge. She is the keeper of some serious confidential information and yet remains vaulted shut. Trust is earned and she has her stripes. That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.

Yet, these same mother who think that my daughter is trouble because she knows about life let their daughters wear shorts like strippers, stomach baring tops, dresses that show their ovaries and shoes like Tila Tequila. These are also the girls who getting down and dirty at parties with the boys but their mothers think they are innocent. I hear some stuff and I roll my eyes and wonder how can they be innocent when they are walking billboards for teen porn.  *sigh.

I don’t veto what my daughter wears but I encourage to not go down the hooker root route. It is possible to be gorgeous and sexy honoring the classics.


Don’t let your girls dress as an extra from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and stick to classics where possible. It is possible to be cute and fun and a little sexy without shades of Pretty Baby.

That’s it. The world is shitting me today. Thank god for Gwyneth’s style.

Also enjoying DKNY PR girl tumblr. How gorgeous is this?

Follow her on Twitter: @dkny

P.S Facebook is over. Twitter is the new Facebook. But don’t get too close to Twitter. Google has launched some new fangled thing and chances are that will become the new Facebook and Twitter. but then again, remember Google Buzz? * Insert Fail Whale

Keep up people or be lost forever in Myspace.





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