The Saddest Person In The World

Have you seen this video of Charlene and Prince Albert? It is beyond sad. I have never seen a bride so despairing and a groom so disconnected to someones emotion.

The word is she tried to flee several times since May but her passport was confiscated by Monaco officials. WTF? It’s a Sidney Sheldon novel, I swear. People are asking why didn’t she just run?  I smell something more sinister here. Once the passport was gone she has no means to escape. Who knows what was said, what threats were made. This is going to end badly, I feel it in my waters.

I have been to so many weddings I have lost count. There is a feeling, an aura at a wedding where you know they bride and groom are going to make it through the hard times. There has to be magic, love, anticipation. Kate and William had it in bucketloads.

Oh sigh.


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