Wake up

Sometimes I wake up overwhelmed with how much I want to do in my life and I finally understand the desire to be immortal. There was a time when I would lie in bed, in a deep funk and wonder if I would ever be happy again. Would there be a task that would thrill me enough to get the hell out of bed? A reason for being?

Now I sit in my new study, surrounded by favorite things, admiring the view from my parapet and contentment reigns. It is not as though things are all worked out in my life. There are issues that still irk me, shadows that linger but then I suppose these are the things that push me forward. In the shadows lie secrets and the secrets are what make us interesting.

Now I have work to be done in every area of my life and while part of me is scared silly the other part of me is relieved I have found work that doesn’t feel like work and I want to do as much as I can to enjoy it while it lasts.

The serenity I have found was not earned easily. I have struggled, crossed swords with others and myself and been so lost I thought I may never find a way out and yet here I am; alive, aware and appreciative for all that I have been through that has cast me here.

So get to work, there is much to be done.

Happy Wednesday.


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